Can you translate jokes?

A brief insight on humor and translation.

When we were born

The story of our love for languages and our commitment to making better translations for the hispanic peeps.

Yes way José (or The Story About us)

How did Primorosa come to life? What is our motivation for bringing you the best of both languages?

Wait, what is a Primorosa?

Primorosa is pronounced pree - mo - ro - sa with a soft r sound.

Spanish in Eastern Europe

How is Spanish popular in the Eastern Europan countries?

4 days lost in Germany

A brief story about a long odyssey. What happens when you travel to a country without quite knowing the language fully.

Machines vs Humans

Who can translate better? And which one should you choose?

4 easy tips for mastering a new language

Feel stuck on learning a new language? Or are you halfway there? These will show you the way.