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Wait, what is a Primorosa?

Primorosa is a Spanish word that means excellent, delicate and perfect. It also means skillful and experienced. All very appropriate words to describe us and what we do.

Primorosa is pronounced pree - mohr - o - sa, with a soft r sound. Go ahead, try it.

Primorosa is also similar to primrose, the flower. But such flower in Spanish is called prímula or primavera, which in time is the Spanish word for springtime. Confusing, we know. So, ultimately, they don't mean the same, but they are beautifully related (the magic of words!).

Because just like springtime is filled with colorful blossoming, Primorosa is a celebration of our diversity as human beings. And our great capacity to convey messages from one language to another.

We define ourselves as kind, knowledgeable, with a deep respect for all languages and a special love for Spanish and English.

We create, translate and adapt every message mindfully and thoroughly. No task is a small task and no detail is overlooked. We know that a good translation is ultimately about showing respect for your audience and offering them a valuable product.

Take a look at our solutions and see why we're different.


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