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Yes way José (or The Story About us)

Primorosa Language Solutions or PLS was born out of a need for better messages for the Spanish-speaking peoples.

We are a community of highly qualified language experts that found themselves dissatisfied with the Spanish translations seen on ads, TV, the internet, podcasts, radio, newspapers, all over the United States. We realized that the translation and adaptation jobs from English to Spanish was not done by experts in both languages.

This is why we created Primorosa; to better serve the Hispanic community living in the United States. And to do what we love: translating, editing, proofreading, creating, communicating.

We believe that the right message can make amazing things happen.

Also, we are pretty much obsessed over languages and cultural diversity, so we understand the vastness of the Spanish language and the cultural differences between Spanish speakers throughout the United States and Latin America. We love creating content from scratch or working an existing product.

Our translations and adaptations are:


Culturally Sensitive,




Give us a try.


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