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When we were born

Sometimes getting annoyed is a good thing.

Primorosa was born out of a certain discontentment with how Spanish language and Latin American culture are being portrayed and brought to the public through all types of media and advertisement campaigns in the United States.

We started seeing a boom in Spanish-language advertisement on the internet, the TV, and everywhere else, and thought it was awesome. But with great disappointment we have also seen a lot of companies, campaigns, brands coming out there with the wrong message in Spanish. And that is almost the same as not being represented in the media.

Some examples:

  • Dialogues that are supposed to be funny but they are awkwardly translated (Great, they just killed the joke)

  • Phrases that doesn’t quite make sense in Spanish (No. Amigo. Just. Don't)

  • Messages catered exclusively to the Mexican hermanos out there 🇲🇽, whom we love, of course, but the era of Hispanic equaling Mexican is long gone, and to be honest, kind of ignorant by now.

“The era of Hispanic = Mexican is long gone, and to be honest, kind of ignorant by now”

That's when we decided to do it ourselves: we would start closing this gap for Hispanic peeps, because they—we, deserve better.

Let's not forget that communicating properly, for any purpose, is the base for success, but it is also about showing respect for your audience: don’t just use the broken Spanish of someonelanguage is a big deal and it may make or break your business or campaign.

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